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Would you like to try a class?  
Learn about belly dance the art and folk styles.

Classes are being delivered via ZOOM !

Belly dance with Zabelle community are doing our best.
We plan to provide you with a mini showcase as soon as we can.
Untill then, stay well stay at home.
Join us!

Please note all events are postponed.

   Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th October 2020

New Dates 2020 October Sat 17 & Sun 18 

e talents of great names in Australian Bellydance and associated genre.
 The vibrant Emma Riche to Experiment with Hip Hop Dance style!

Over the 2 days enjoy sessions in Early morning
Yoga, Meditation.
Belly dance, HIP HOP for bellydancers, 
 Feldenkrais session New to program 2020
 Tarot card and readings noon-5pm
Lines for bellydancers.
    Stage-Eyes'n'Lips-Hannah Croft-Tips'n'Tricks 5pm
   Nash- essential Translations forum.         
'Zillaway Thataway - drills & skills'-Zabelle.

Participate in any 2 workshops and receive our
'Complimentary dinner!

Saturday 17-Sunday
9 am Walk bush - Designer Yoga
11 am -  Eskandaria
1 pm Hip Hop The Experiment - Emma Richards
2.30 - Laura Entwined-  Ether to Earth
3.45 - Zabelle - Zillaway Thataway
5.00 The translations laboratory- Nashat
8pm Hafla  Dinner & Performances

Sunday 18
9.00 am Desiger Yoga & Meditation
11.00 Sculpt It! dance session.  
1.00 African Dream
2.30 Feldenkrais session
3.45 Strike a pose Ballet to bellydance lines- Ms Yvette
5.00 Stage Eyes n Lips-   
Tarot Readings by Susan Caro 12.00-5pm
Left over supper. 5.30pm 
8pm Bookings Peninsula Hot Springs Fingal
The above information is a guide.TBC

The program is all under one roof and accommodation is available.
Stay over or near by!

 Do come along to share at Ocean Views.
Bookings open Aug.

The Essential Elements learn to move with confidence. Move easier with grace and fluidity. Gain stamina, strength and mobility.

Principal Points about Moving in Dance'.
 This is a combination of the study of movement and effects of naural adaptaions.  A workshop aimed to enhance our ability to self correct. An original work of Zabelle's experience.           


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