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the dancer, the artist and the teacher

Australian born to anglo-mediterranean parents Zabelle has had a passionate commitment to this terpischorean art.  She has been sculptured by masters of various genres and styles of dance.

In 1998 she discovered Middle Eastern dance. This journey began unfolding wisdom and skill that was already inherent in her style. She had formal dance teacher training both in  Melbourne and interstate. Concentrating on techniques given first hand by the Masters of Arabic dance. 
(Pic Nov 2015)

  Zabelle is a highly respected performer and teacher in traditional and contemporary performances. Her unique elegant style,  skillful techniques of masters, ease of movement and interpretation of belly dance. She is dedicated in delivering an enjoyable and an enthusiastic and encouraging class atmosphere. 
She is passionate about the dance, and most of all, to show how to create their your special something, when we belly dance. 
Zabelle admits to being an expressive and untamed performer at times.
  The creative Zabelle uses her own choreography. A most memorable season displayed  choreography and performance for Melbourne Opera. Besides numerous documentaries  and folk festivals. Performance of Dantilla troupe in 2015 qualified by the Egyptian Consulate. Zabelle performs around Australia.

  Proudly, Zabelle in 2016 achieved a  certificate of qualification from Dr. Mo Gedawi  teacher training course.  The latest certificate of teacher training at 'Journey through Egypt' held in Sydney October 2017 by the very gracious Sahrah Saeda. 

   This training can now be added to Zabelle's extensive experience in Ballroom and Latin American dance. Accredited teacher in all styles Dancesport, Australian Dance Society. Accredited by Australian Sports Commission. Her unrivaled teaching experience shows in all class aspects.Creative and original choreography are undoubtedly the most acclaimed.  
 Zabelle is passionate about the dance and most of all, to show how to create their your special something, when we belly dance. 

  • Loves everything about dancing                                             
  • Zabelle Dance Instructor, Belly Dance with Zabelle, MelbourneFavourite colour is Green
  • Goes to beach all year round
  • Favourite Season has to be Summer
  Great Talents, Artists & Masters of all styles. Have passed on indelible words and movements.  Dr.Mo Gedawi, Jrisi, Hathor Dance   studio, Amera, Yasmina, Caroline of Cairo.                             (Pic 1998)

Maria Massleous. Egyptian Dina, Momo Kadous, Kazafy, Ada Nour,  Denise Enan. Also  those from the very beginning in dance life were. Keith and Joan Collins, Mark Wilson, Jason Gilkinson, Peta Roby, Jo Burik and so many more.


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